Carlin Hall: History and Reservation Information

Carlin Hall is a major feature in the Glencarlyn neighborhood. It is located at 5711 4th Street South. (map) It is an Arlington County owned facility managed by the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR).

The primary use is DPR Carlin Hall Creative Preschool which meets mornings during the school year and for County summer programs. The grounds of Carlin Hall serve as a playground and socialization area for many of the residents of the neighborhood.

Other regular users are GCA meetings and events, several scout troops, and the Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society ( At other times, the hall is available for any Arlington resident for meetings and events or for parties.


Carlin Hall was built as a community center in 1892 by the Carlin Springs Cooperative Association, the predecessor to the Glencarlyn Citizens’ Association (GCA). It was originally named Custis Hall after one of the two founders of Glencarlyn. During its first 70 years, it served as a location for community meetings, a social center, a church, a public library and one room school.

In 1962 the Carlin Hall Association transferred the building to Arlington County for use as recreation center.

Availability and Reservations
Until July 2015 the GCA handled scheduling for Carlin Hall at which time the Facilities Scheduling group within the DPR took over scheduling. This was formalized with a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)between Arlington County, through DPR and the GCA and approved by the Arlington County Board on May 16, 2015. (copy of the MOA coming soon).

The cost for private events will be $30 for each two hours payable to the County in advance.

Reservation for Carlin Hall are made by contacting the Facilities Scheduling in DPR at 703-228-1805. The County provided this Carlin Hall Reservations Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which describes what needs to be done to reserve Carlin Hall.

The FAQ begins with "In order to book a private event at Carlin Hall, you must contact Facilities Scheduling at 703-228-1805." When you do that they will ask you to complete and submit an
External Program Facility Request Form (this pdf version allows you to enter info and save it). Note: if the Arlington link doesn't work, then the form is also available here

Reservations will be processed 60 days prior to the event for residents of Glencarlyn and 45 days prior to the event for non-Glencarlyn residents.

email to schedule any private event for July 1 or later.

ATTENTION! The Carlin Hall Scheduling Voicemail 703-483-3564 is being cancelled.

Quasi-Glencarlyn Events

If you are planning an event generally open to anyone in the Glencarlyn neighborhood, that is a quasi-public event and the GCA may be able to get it scheduled in Carlin Hall under our umbrella at no cost. Send your information to well in advance and we will work with you.

If you have any questions not related to making a reservation for a private event on July 1 or later, contact us at