Carlin Hall hall is a major feature in the Glencarlyn neighborhood. It is located at 5711 4th Street South.

It was built as a community center in 1892 by the Carlin Springs Cooperative Association, the predecessor to the Glencarlyn Citizens’ Association (GCA). During its first 70 years, it served as a location for community meetings, a social center, a church, a public library and school. In 1962 the Carlin Hall Association transferred the building to Arlington County for use as recreation center.


The primary use of the facility is Arlington County’s Carlin Hall Creative Preschool which meets mornings during the school year and for County summer programs. Other regular users are GCA meetings and events, a community Yoga group, a Girl Scout troop, and the National Capital Technology and Computer User's Group, (NCTCUG). At other times, the hall is available for any Arlington resident for meetings and events or for parties (including kid’s birthday) or other events.

If you are interested in using Carlin Hall, you can check for its availability on a specific date and time using either the
Carlin Hall Schedule - Month View or Carlin Hall Schedule - Week View. Public events can be seen - other events have the time blocked but are marked private. The reservations for the hall are handled by volunteers of the Glencarlyn Citizens’ Association.


To make a reservation either:

  • Email CarlinHall@glencarlyn.org and include - your name, day and evening phone numbers, address, date and time you would like to use Carlin Hall, and the kind of event planned. Please allow 4 days for us to get a confirmation to you.
  • Call the Carlin Hall Reservation Voicemail 703-483-3564 and leave the requested information. Please allow 3 days for us to respond by phone to get all of the needed information and make the reservation.

When your reservation is made, you will get an email confirming your reservation along with the information about key pick-up and reminder of the restrictions and your responsibilities for clean-up.


Since the County is not currently charging rent for Carlin Hall, and it is only cleaned in the afternoon after the Preschool is done,
each person must do a thorough clean-up of the building before they leave.

Although the County owns Carlin Hall, the GCA does all the booking of the hall.
The GCA does charge a fee of $10 to non-Glencarlyn individuals to cover the costs associated with maintaining the reservation system, monitoring usage to ensure compliance with county regulations and terms of use, and reimburse the association for any expenses it incurs. There is no fee to Glencarlyn residents who have paid their annual GCA dues.

Fees must be paid by check payable "GCA" and presented at the time the key is picked-up.


  • Carlin Hall can be used by any Arlington resident for meetings and events.
  • The County prohibits use of the facility for business or profit making activities.
  • The County also prohibits smoking and the use of alcohol.
  • When you reserve the Hall, you are reserving the interior of the building. You are welcome to use the outside, but you do NOT have exclusive use of the space. If you bring a piece of equipment (e.g. a moon bounce), then you could limit its use to your party.
  • Parking - if you have a number a persons attending, please ask them to park in the library lot and not in front of the neighbor's homes.
  • Noise - Since the hall is in the midst of a residential neighborhood, you cannot have music outside and need to keep noise outside to a minimum.
  • Supplies (art materials paper, etc), toys and most other items in Carlin Hall are County materials for the playschool. They are NOT for use by those reserving the hall.
  • There are about 30 adult size chairs in the Hall (15 are kept upstairs) and several 6 foot long tables adjustable for height.


Clean-up -

  • You need to complete your clean-up within the time your have reserved since others may be booked immediately afterwards.
  • You are responsible to ensure all of the areas that you use are clean enough for others; that includes floors, tables, counters, kitchen and bathrooms.
  • You need to bring your own paper towels and rags. There are a limited number of janitorial supplies in the closet in the boys bathroom.
  • There is a checklist on a clipboard by the door - please fill it out and sign it and put the sheet at the back of the stack on the clipboard. If you notice something, please note it on the page (including areas which were not clean when you arrived).

If there is a more urgent problem with Carlin Hall, please give me a call.


If you have any questions about Carlin Hall, please contact


For reservations, please use the email or voicemail listed in the reservation section above.